Think your data visually

“Seeing Data is a group of research projects which aim to understand the place of data visualisations (like those in the examples below) in society. This website includes information about projects which have been completed, are currently underway, or are about to start. It also includes, in the first section, resources to help non-experts develop their ability to make sense of data visualisations.” Have a look at

Update on the restoration/conservation project of Manuel Tolsá’s Equestrian Portrait of Charles IV

Inaugurated in Mexico City’s Plaza Mayor (Central Plaza) first in 1796 (a temporary gilt-plastered wooden statue) and again in 1803 (in its final bronze form) Tolsá’s monumental statue has been the focus of art historical and political discussion. A “cleaning” severely damaged the work. Here is an update on the restoration/conservation project.

Here’s my snapshot of Tolsá’s monument in Mexico City.  (*And be sure to credit me if you use this — I worked hard on it!)