Time to speak for Art History and the Humanities

The CAA (*College Art Association) newsletter just posted this important release from the National Humanities Alliance. They have created a Study the Humanities Toolkit . Have a look at it and become a Humanities evangelist!

*Student memberships for this all-important, international professional organization are available — your first step to connecting with your colleagues in Art History (as well as in Art Education and Studio Art).

UH and MFAH create new program in Latin American art

University of Houston and Museum of Fine Arts Houston embark on joint program in Latin American Art

This is a remarkable opportunity to work with major collections at the MFAH and the ICAA (see post from 12/15/17 about the ICAA).

“Students will have the opportunity to participate in year-long, paid internships with the ICAA. This has been a continuous feature of the UH graduate program in art history since 2009, when the University placed its first intern in the MFAH’s prestigious research center for Latin American and Latino art. With the signing of the memorandum, UH students will now benefit from access to previously restricted resources from the Latin American and Latino art collections and digital archival holdings of the MFAH. Moreover, UH faculty and MFAH staff will use their ongoing innovations in object-based learning for continued collaboration in the burgeoning area. The hope is that this partnership will serve as a model for other museums and research universities across the country.”